Wyndham Housing Capacity Assessment

Modelling the future housing capacity of Australia’s fastest growing LGA

Wyndham City Council
Wyndham LGA

The Challenge

Determining the theoretical housing capacity of residential areas enables planners to test the validity and spatial application of proposed housing change areas and residential zoning regimes. It has become an integral process in planning strategically for housing.

State government directions seek to promote 70% of new housing to established areas with existing services and infrastructure. As part of Wyndham City Council’s update to its Housing and Neighbourhood Character Strategy, a new housing framework plan had been developed. 

CoFutures was engaged to undertake a residential housing capacity assessment of Wyndham’s established areas to determine the future residential yield that could be accommodated by the revised housing framework plan. It also sought to test and interrogate the viability of delivering 70% of new homes in established areas within Wyndham’s unique growth context.

What We Did

  • Developed a robust suite of development assumptions around density, diversity and built form, tailored to Wyndham’s unique housing and residential context.
  • Prepared a GIS capacity base model, drawing on a range of data and development sources.
  • Modelled the future theoretical yield of each residential lot within Wyndham’s established residential areas.
  • Reviewed demographic projections and Victoria in Future data.
  • Assessed the theoretical capacity for Wyndham’s established residential areas to accommodate more houses.
  • Compared the findings of the housing capacity assessment with future need.


The housing capacity assessment determined that the proposed housing framework plan could achieve the required housing yield to support increased growth and density to 2036. With 40% of Wyndham’s total available residential land supply located in growth areas, the capacity assessment provided a clear mandate to Council that further refinements to built form controls would be required in order for Wyndham’s established areas to support greater housing diversity and density over the next 15 years.